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Why Fabulous Flower Beds?

We have the landscaping knowledge, skills and supply sources that enable us to recommend high quality landscape design, installation and renovation solutions that solve a wide range of landscaping problems.

Count on us to be a credible, ethical, capable and dependable landscaping company from start to finish.

Please take the time to view our client testimonials and portfolio pictures as they will help you better assess our ability to handle your next landscaping project with ease.

We primarily service White Rock, South Surrey, Surrey, Langley, Delta, Ladner and Tsawassen BC, British Columbia, Canada. However, we will entertain projects outside of this region if we feel we can maintain our landscaping standards for quality and reliability.

Although Fabulous Flower Beds could be referred to as a leading edge landscaping firm, we don�t really feel that this adequately describes who we are. To be more specific, our belief is that we are craftsmen. We take great pride in our ability to meticulously work every subtle element into place so that the finished landscape design and installation exists in harmony with the surrounding environment resulting in a sense of peace and satisfaction for the property owner.

Fabulous Flower Beds is well positioned to supply new and creative landscaping ideas, inspiration and direction that carefully considers your budget, personal preferences, short and long term goals and more. We also help you prioritize the changes that should be completed first, second and so on should you choose to complete the project in stages. Most importantly, we will discourage you from spending money to make cosmetic changes when underlying structural problems exist such as poor drainage, poor soil, improper grading etc.

Our specialty is in creating a well appointed residential or commercial look that can best be described as fine landscaping or fine gardening and we do our best work when the property is less than a quarter of an acre in size.

All of our designs take into account and prioritize low maintenance and environmentally responsible practices.

The skills and techniques used by our company to achieve an exceptional landscaping look that has outstanding curb appeal is the result of many years of experience, a passion for the business and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

As well, we are known to have a natural eye for detail, spatial balance and placement, contrast, texture and colour. We take all of these elements very seriously during the consultation, design and installation phases of the project because we want every client to be thrilled with the final result.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions about how we might be of service. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Fabulous Flower Beds.


Scott McLeod
Fabulous Flower Beds