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When Is The Best Time To Begin a Landscaping Project?

Landscaping on the south coast of BC is often possible 12 months of the year, however, choosing the best time really depends on the,

  1. Type and scope of work involved
  2. Permits and bylaw restrictions
  3. Availability of the property owner
  4. Timeline of when the project has to be completed
  5. Availability of funds along with any tax considerations
  6. Availability of the landscaper and related trades
  7. Availability of the materials required to complete the work
  8. The weather

For example, early September is ideal to begin major structural work such as grading, drainage, retaining walls, new concrete driveways / walkways, irrigation systems, soil improvement / replacement, flower bed creation, lawn installation and so on.

The reason why early fall is ideal is because most structural work can take time to be completed properly. Leaving this work until the spring means you will miss the opportunity to take full advantage of the best plant selection which is always at its peak in March, April and May.

Regardless of when you choose to proceed, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Will you help me clean up my yard?


Sometimes weeding, edging, raking, pruning, removing dead / diseased plant material or trees is all that is required to regain that crisp look without incurring significant expense.

Does landscaping my property mean I need to start from scratch and get rid of what I have?

This is a difficult question to answer without seeing the quality of the plants, shrubs and trees and where they are located. The answer also partly depends on your budget and it depends on how badly you want the ideal look that is completely free of trouble spots.

For example, it would be difficult to achieve an exceptional result if your yard slopes back toward the house. You could spend a lot of time and money installing beautiful grass, an irrigation system and flower bed design only to find out later that you need to start again and re-grade the yard away from the house because you have a leaking basement as a result of poor drainage. There are many examples like this where I will lobby the cause for doing things right the first time.

As the property owner, can I participate in the work to reduce my cost?


We will work with you as your Landscaping Coach or Gardening Coach and we will participate in the project to the degree you would like us to. Usually, we will be involved with the initial plan and then we will check in with you at critical stages of the project to ensure that everything is on track. Along the way, we will teach you what you need to know and we will be there to answer any questions. This is a great way to learn about landscaping and gain some exercise at the same time while reducing your overall project cost.

Can you improve the street appeal of my home?


We are experts at producing street appeal, otherwise known as curb appeal. Sometimes small changes can produce significant results. This service is particularly popular when a client is trying to sell their home. We consider home staging for the yard to be very important because many prospective purchasers will not get out of their car to view the inside of a house if they don�t like what they see on the outside. Home staging can include such items as window boxes, planters, fountains etc.

Will you provide a landscaping consultation at my residence?

We offer an initial (1) hour on � site landscape design consultation for $95 plus applicable taxes, assuming you are located in White Rock, South Surrey, Surrey, Langley or Delta, BC. If we perform work on your property in excess of $500, this initial $95 consultation fee will be refunded to you 100%.

During the consultation, we will listen closely to your short and long term property goals and your initial objectives. We would also like to know what you like and dislike about your existing landscaping and what it is that you would like to incorporate into a new landscape design.

My role will be to listen closely so that I fully understand your current issues and list of wants. During the process I will provide creative ideas, inspiration and direction to help you make sound landscaping decisions that will ultimately result in an affordable, low maintenance landscape design that will enhance the value of your property and provide an increased level of peace and happiness when at home.

Does your company cater to both residential and commercial clients?


Although most of our work is residential, we are open to working with commercial clients who are interested in a well above average landscape design and installation. In both cases, we do our best work when the property is less than � acre.

Do you provide written landscaping estimates?


Do you stand behind your work?


100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Is your company fully insured?


We carry $3,000,000 in 3rd party liability insurance and we are also covered by WorkSafeBC.

Can you provide a list of landscaping references?


Please view the landscaping testimonials section of our website. We can arrange to have you speak with a previous client if more information is required.