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Home Staging Services - How to Sell Your Home in a Buyers' Market

A buyers' market means that the homeowner can expect an increased level of competition when they decide to list their home for sale.

In a competitive market, it can be very difficult to attract a buyer because a buyer has the luxury of choice and they have the time to make that choice. Reluctantly, the seller will be challenged to show the potential purchaser maximum value at a time when prices are declining in the marketplace.

In addition, buyers' are well armed with information about the market and their options more than ever before. A savvy buyer will use this information to their advantage to help them find reasons why the price of your home should be reduced.

With all of these selling challenges should the homeowner just give up and wait for a better day? The short answer is no.

Remember, once you've entered the market, all price fluctuations are somewhat meaningless if you plan to buy another home in the near future. Your opportunity is in finding a creative way to maximize the selling price of your home and to sell it in the least amount of time while buying your next home from a homeowner that was ill prepared in a buyers' market.

At Fabulous Flower Beds, we will help you regain control of the sale and put you back in the driver's seat once again.

Although everyone is different, buying a home will always be a decision that is part rational, ie how many square feet, how many bedrooms etc., but it will also be part emotional. Adding charm to a home will help you appeal to the emotional needs of the buyer and it will help you increase your leverage when the buyer attempts to negotiate on price.

At Fabulous Flower Beds we will help you improve the street appeal of your home so that a potential purchaser is immediately attracted during a drive by. In a sense, our business is about home staging although we focus only on the outside of your home instead of the inside.
There's an old saying in baseball that goes something like this..... “No one ever hit a home run unless they first made it up to bat”.

“Job 1 is to provide the potential purchaser with enough incentive to step out of their car and walk through the front door of your home. Only then do you have a chance to complete a sale.

Fabulous Flower Beds can help you set the hook with the potential buyer so you can achieve maximum selling results.”